I’m Peter Watson, founder of Seiha Consulting Ltd. I can help people get the jobs they want because I know both sides of the interview desk having been an interviewer in HR, in investment banking and as a specialist headhunter andas an interviewee/candidate on numerous occasions in various fields including HR, equity sales, derivative sales, armed forces and recruitment where I have been made a final offer on 93% of the occasions despite not being a straight-A student! I know how best to present at interview and I know what interviewers look for. Not many other career specialists can offer you this kind of practical insight – they know the theory but haven’t done the practical!

In short, I want to help YOU to get the right job and can help you do so by working together towards a bespoke solution for your satisfaction. Please contact me on peter@seihaconsulting.com or on 07747 633398 to chat further.


I can help you either on a one-on-one basis or on a small group basis in any or all of the elements of the job search process such as providing guidance on what to target in the first place through to efficient industry and company research, effective CV construction, interview techniques and offer negotiation and can tailor my service to your requirements. If you would like me to speak at an institution on a group basis, please contact me for further information.


Watson’s Daily – which gives you a daily briefing on the essence of the day’s business news with opinion. It only takes up to seven minutes to read every day and is an excellent way to prepare for interviews and keep on top of things.

Book – soon to be published but covers all areas of the career search and attainment process, giving practical insight into navigating your way towards a suitable career path and the attainment of the necessary skills to propel you to the final offer and beyond!

Online Courses  – If you want to work with me under your own steam, then this could be an option for you. In the online course I go through the recruitment process offering insight into how to find your why (all practical – none of this “woo-woo” stuff) and how to get the job that’s right for you. It’s the next best thing to working with me personally!